1. Always Do A Dive Buddy Check

You may trust the dive shop you go to frequently or you have never been there before. Maybe you used the equipment yesterday and it worked fine. However, it is always the best and safest action to run through the buddy check. You just never know how much it might save you. 

‘Best and Safest action’

Use the BWRAF acronym to help remember the buddy check steps. Here are a few to help to remember: 
Begin With Reviewing A Friend
Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy
Bruce Willis Ruins All Films

2. Plan Your Dive As A Buddy Pair

All dives start with a plan and a good dive buddy shoul do so as well for each diving experience. Before your dive, you need to agree on how long your dives will be, the maximum depth, and the route you will take on the dive site.

In many cases, a dive guide, dive leader, or divemaster will prepare this for you. Listen carefully to them and the dive briefings, make sure you both understand the dive plan. If either of you is uncomfortable with the plan, you should address any concerns openly.

‘Before your dive, you need to agree on how long your dives will be, the maximum depth, and the route’


3. Always Stay Close To Your Dive Buddy

First of all a good dive buddy will never leave their partner but with that said the most common rule of staying close to your dive buddy is within an arm’s length. This can be difficult to achieve, you can be somewhat flexible to this rule however, experience and skill level will help. 

Hint: Keep looking to your dive buddy every 30 seconds. 

‘Look for your dive buddy every 30 seconds’

Generally, you should always be close enough so that you can respond quickly if your dive buddy needs immediate help. You need to stay close to help your buddy in scenarios like getting low on air, equipment malfunctions, injuries, or even marine animal attacks.

4. Dive Dive Dive

The more you dive the better you get. By diving in a range of conditions and environments, you’ll broaden your skill base and diving knowledge, increasing your and your buddy’s dive safety. Not to mention diving is fun and that is why we became scuba divers. 

5. You Are A 'Buddy Team', It's Not A Competition

Be encouraging towards your buddy but never force them into a dive they don’t want to make. If you or your buddy are unsure about anything, ask your Divemaster together for advice and guidance.

‘Love and passion for the underwater world’

Scuba diving with a buddy is all about love and passion for the underwater world. It is not based on competition. Enjoy the moments underwater with your dive buddy and encourage them. 

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Anthony Laverty

Anthony is a professional scuba diver, company owner and blogger. He has spent the last 10 years travelling around the world collecting stories and diving new locations.

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