Which Scuba Diving Organization Do I Choose?

Before you go scuba diving which organization should you choose? To many people this might seem like easy decision but for first time scuba divers you might be overwhelmed with all the different organizations or agencies out there. There are more than 50 different organizations with mostly similar standards.  I must point out that as […]

Amazing December/ Christmas Scuba Diving Locations

Where to scuba dive in December you asked? Well, below we have discovered 7 possible destinations for you to go scuba diving.    1. DEEP SOUTH, MALDIVES  In December there is a lot of shark action, it is the best month for diving in the far south of Atoll. Around the remote islands, you will […]

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Scuba Divers

It’s Christmas Time, Here Are The Top 5 Gifts For Scuba Divers For many of you, Christmas is a time for celebration, family, and reflection. For scuba divers, nothing changes except for the passion for underwater exploration. So if your wanting to buy someone you know who is a scuba diver below are 5 amazing […]

5 New Dive Buddy Tips In 2021

1. Always Do A Dive Buddy Check You may trust the dive shop you go to frequently or you have never been there before. Maybe you used the equipment yesterday and it worked fine. However, it is always the best and safest action to run through the buddy check. You just never know how much […]

My Life Changed After I Became A Scuba Diver

For me, I became a scuba diver in one of the most typical ways, word of mouth. My journey to becoming a scuba diver started in a country where there is absolutely no scuba diving, Afghanistan. In 2010 I was a 24-year-old male in the Australian Army serving my country in Afghanistan and while I […]

3 DEEPEST Scuba Diving Pools In The World

1. DEEPSPOT – 45m (150 ft) Mszczonów, POLAND DEEPSPOT is currently the deepest swimming pool in the world – featuring a depth of 45.5 meters, which is nearly 150-feet deep. The pool holds 8,000 cubic meters of water, which is more water than 25 Olympic-sized swimming pool. It was created for all people who dream […]